What is FoodCycle+?

FoodCycle+ works on Upcycling and Reuse of local organic resources through our innovative upcycled green products. 

FoodCycle+ business has integrated with the "Waste-to-farm-to-table" and "Cradle to Cradle" concept. We fermentate and recycle with separated food waste to animal feed for pond fish, chicken and pig. Moreover, fresh and high quality veggie are growth from the composted organic waste collected from city, and without using any chemical fertilizer nor pesticides. 

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To grow our sustainable city by upcycling the wastes


Promote Green Awareness

Convert Waste to Animal Feed

Our Work

Convert Wastes to Animal feed

Our fermentation Technology are originated from Japan, and further modified with local expert. Organic waste are fermentated by selected micro-organism into variable nutrients that suitable for animal consumption and plant growth. 

The commercial available feed from FoodCycle+ included: 

  • High Protein Feed: produced from fermentation and dehydration, dried powdered and pellet form feed 

  • Nature Compost: produced from advance composting technique, chemical free compost are produced 

  • Local Veggie and Mushroom: grown with nutritious compost, no chemical fertilizer and pesticides are used


Green Awareness

We can produce upcycled products which have both customers’ and environmental characteristics; organize educational activities (e.g. seminars, workshops, training courses, visits and exhibitions), set up planting projects in the company/store (e.g. organic farming area and vanilla growing zone).

The mentioned effective and interesting projects will not only educate our valued customers, but also improve their quality of life/work as well as environmental images.

Green Design Products 

Concept of "Greening" & "Food Upcycling" should be merged into lifestyle, and could be more fun and inspirative. Therefore, Foodcycle+ design a series green concept product to promote our idea.

There are soya cat litter for pet lover, small farm kit of mushroom for special gifting, and pea feather planting for harvesting as your dinner dishes. Let's discover your favourite one!

Goo Goo Cube

Mushroom Farm Kit

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Eat & Travel Magazine

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Youth Magazine

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Weekend Hong Kong

Weekend Hong Kong

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The media plays a large role in sharing the awareness of waste upcycling with Hong Kong. The products of FoodCycle+ draws great attention from the media.

We’ve collected all the known media coverage of FoodCycle+ has received since 2012.

Media Coverage

  • Project Manager in HKUST R&D Corp. 

  • Professional qualification of Carbon Audit Professional and LEED Green Associate

  • 12 years of experience in Environmental & Recycling Company


Mr Shawn Ho

Hermia Chung

Farmer & Permaculture Designer

  • Eco- Tour Guide in Produce Green Foundations

  • Established the “FoodCycle+ Farm” to demonstrate the Natural Food Cycle in the community

Our Professional Team





No. 12, Kam Chui Rd, Kam Tsin Tsuen, Sheung Shui, NT, Hong Kong


2671 8130

2671 8772




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